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Company Profile

"CR Communication has been making efforts to lead changes in existing markets with its know-how and technology accumulated over the past 10 years’ experience in the cosmetics business. We are striving to become a Cosmeceutical brand in order to keep pace with changes in the future cosmetics market and competition.
We are going to become a company that invest in our research and development, and think always in customers’ sight with believing that our brand will satisfy our customers with differentiated high-functional cosmetics, quality, and price competitiveness.
*For reference, we obtained five stars, the highest level in the "" HwaHae"" voluntary customer satisfaction survey.
[Company History]
2014 -2017
09.Establishment of CR Incorporation 12.Launched Hair Perm Formula Using Natural Ingredients
04.Proceed with Development of Luxury Cosmetics GAONA for Duty-free Shops and Exportation.
06.Development of GAONA Design 09.Development of Original GAONA Container
10.Service Order Placed for Development of OCSSAM Brand Cosmetics
11.Made Research Development Contract for Launching OCSSAM
12. Plans to Make a Contract for Supply of RedoxBio-CR Face Lifting Pack
01. lans to Launch OCSSAM Brand Face Lifting Pack 02. Plans to Launch OCSSAM Premium
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